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Your Smallest Energy Structures

Cathy Chapman, PhD, CHt

Saturday, January 20th, 9:00am to 5:30pm
(8 CEUs for Hypnotists)

This class is for ANYONE who:
Wants to empower themselves by working with their basic energy structures.

This class is for those PROFESSIONALS who would like to have another tool:

To assist clients in moving into greater health … mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Everything you see has Encodements. They are the smallest energy structures and are the building blocks of your physical and emotional life. Your Encodement System is developed before incarnation to set the path for your life.

You can use Encodement Balancing to adjust your own Encodements or work with clients. It can also be used in conjunction with any other healing modality, with or without your client’s knowledge. (Cathy will tell you how and explain the benefits of why this is sometimes the best choice.) Cathy will also share some of her personal experience working with Encodements.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What Encodements Are
  • How You Can Work with Them
  • Types of Encodements
  • The Encodement Team
  • How to Use Encodement Balancing with Clients
  • The Encodement Relationship to Emotional and Physical Pain
  • How to Release Thought Forms and Elementals

Cathy Chapman, PhD studies Mind-Body Psychology with an emphasis on Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy. She was a Roman Catholic Sister for 20 years before delving into metaphysics and integrates spirituality with and the Mind-Body Connection. A former social worker for 35 years, she is now a life coach in Sedona, AZ assisting people in unleashing their power to access their health, wealth and happiness. Cathy says, “This was channeled information ... you could also say it was downloaded into me.”

This program is not regulated or approved by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools, and Colleges.
Accessing Encodements   

Saturday, January 20, 2018
9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Early Registration (By Jan. 6th)      $100

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