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Presented by:   Anne King, C.Ht.

Class Dates:

May 5-6
June 9-10
June 23-24

Each Basic course consists of 3 weekends for a total of 40 classroom hours. For certification through the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, you must complete a total of 12 weekends (3 weekends for Basic, 4 weekends each for Intermediate & Advanced and 2 days of Business/Marketing) for a total of 164 hours of classroom time. An additional 56 hours of outside assignments is required for certification through the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, which are easily completed through homework assignments by the end of the course.


  • $2610 for the entire course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Business/Marketing. 164 hours)
  • $700 per for Basic 40-hour course (all 3 weekends)
  • $830 per for Intermediate (4 weekends)
  • $830 per for Advanced (4 weekends)
  • $250 per for Business & Marketing (1 weekend, 8 hours both days)


  • Receive a $50 discount by registering for the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced course 2 weeks prior to beginning.
  • Receive $280 discount by registering for the complete courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Business/Marketing) 2 weeks prior to beginning the Basic course. This reduces tuition from $2,610 (all 3 courses paid individually) to just $2,330.

THE BASIC HYPNOSIS COURSE IS A THOROUGH, STEP-BY-STEP 40-HOUR PROGRAM designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary for hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

HANDS-ON TRAINING insures that upon completion of the Basic Hypnosis Course you will be able to induce hypnosis in yourself and help others enter hypnosis as well as using the art of suggestion as an aid in making desired changes.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Hypnosis Training Course, you will receive a handsome Certificate of Completion which you will want to proudly display.

NOTE: This is a hands on course. During the courses you will experience hypnosis, conduct sessions for other students, and learn self-hypnosis.

Basic Hypnosis Course Contents:

  • The History of Hypnosis
  • Defining Hypnosis: Theories about and the nature of hypnosis
  • Types of Hypnosis
  • Misconceptions and Myths
  • Dangers of Hypnosis
  • Uses of Hypnosis
  • Signs of Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Phenomena
  • The Hypnotic Environment and Use of Specific Aids
  • Qualifications of the Hypnotist
  • The Hypnotic Process
  • Determining Susceptibility
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Inducing Hypnosis: Various induction techniques
  • Deepening Techniques & Depth Testing
  • The Body of the Hypnosis Session
  • Preparing and giving suggestions, direct and indirect approaches, use of visualization and power drives, eliciting information and memory recall, post hypnotic suggestions.
  • Preparing a Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Program
  • De-Hypnotizing and Suggestion Removal
  • How to Conduct an Actual Hypnosis Session: From A to Z
  • Dealing with Resistance and Abreactions
  • Hypnosis and the Law: Legalities and Ethics
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Tuition $600.00
Registration Fee $45.00
Text Book $40.00
Supplies $15.00
Early Registration (by Apr 21st).


Course Dates  
May 5-6, June 9-10 June 23-24


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Tuition $2265.00
Registration Fee $150.00
Text Book $145.00
Supplies $50.00
Early Registration (By Apr 21st).

Save up to $280 when you register for complete course at least 2 weeks early!



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