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(approximately 3 to 5  minutes)

As you continue to move towards your goals ... you make it a point to have fun and do things in life you truly enjoy.  You plan ... and take the time ... for enjoyable  activities ... or special quiet time. You know that all change comes from within and you look forward to the positive changes in your life with a joyous attitude! You smile often ... and feel genuinely satisfied with life.

You are a loving, kind, gentle and happy person.  You realize that everyone is different and therefore, you accept other people the way they are, without expecting anyone to change.

You are intelligent ... and creative ... and you have a great deal of common sense.  You choose wisely at all times ... you are in control of your emotions ... and your reactions ... and thus ... your reality.  You choose to be in control of your life ... rather than allowing the circumstances of life to control you.  You take control of your thoughts ... you take control of your life ... beginning  every day loving life ... living it to the fullest ... and most importantly ... loving yourself more and more.   You smile at the world, and the world smiles back.

You focus on ... or pay attention to ... all the beautiful things around you.... even the little beauties... like  tiny, little flowers that sometimes grow in the grass ... .the  stars  in the  sky at night ... .the moon when it's full ... the beautiful sunsets or sunrises ...  And from this moment forward, whenever you see a thing of beauty ... you allow its beauty to fill your soul with peace.

You love to use your recording ... knowing how beneficial it is. You turn it on each night when you go to bed and you take some quiet time to listen to it during your waking hours.  You have committed to making positive changes in your life and therefore, you put whatever effort is necessary into achieving your goals. Continuously, throughout your day, you repeat your positive affirmation (or keyword):                                                       .

From this moment forward, you fall asleep each and every night when you're ready ...  very quickly ... and you sleep soundly ... deeply ... and naturally until you're ready to awaken in the morning feeling ... as always these days ... fantastically good!  You sleep in peace and you awaken in joy.  You wake up every day feeling happy you were born and glad to be alive ... you expect good things ... and you find that wonderful things just automatically happen to you.

In a moment I'm going to bring you back to a normal level of consciousness  and  when  I  do,  you  will  feel fantastically good ... refreshed and rejuvenated ... having thoroughly enjoyed this very beneficial session.   You'll feel as rested and refreshed as if you'd had several hours of good, sound sleep. You’ll be filled with a special energy ... a calm ... creative type of energy that remains with you throughout this day ... and every day.

And from this moment forward ... at a deep subconscious level ... you always remember and appreciate the fact that it is truly a beautiful world out there ... and peace ... health ... love ... and success ... are manifesting constantly in your life.

Now, on the count of three, your attention will be back here with me, your mind clear ... alert ... and functioning in a normal  level  of consciousness.

If you are using this recording as sleep programming ... you will ignore the wake up suggestions and just continue to drift off into a peaceful ... natural sleep.

Otherwise .... Coming back up on the count of three ...

Number 1: Coming back slowly ... feeling so good!

Number 2: Almost there ... feeling better than you've ever felt in your life ... and

Number 3: Wide awake ... (first name) ... Open your eyes.




Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center


Anne King Hypnosis Center