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Over the years, numerous studies have been done which prove hypnosis to be an effective way for both adults and children to achieve and maintain ideal weight, shape and size. Unlike most fads and diets, hypnosis can create permanent change. Hypnosis works by changing the subconscious programming behind the behavior. When the motivation to behave (or eat) a certain way stops or becomes unfulfilling, the habit disappears. In other words, when the behavior (overeating or binging on sweets, perhaps) goes unrewarded (suggestions are given that it doesn’t feel good or taste satisfying anymore), the behavior stops. Hypnosis for weight loss is intended to help clients change their attitude about food and exercise, so the cravings stop, fullness comes more quickly, emotions cease to trigger the appetite, etc.

RESEARCH SHOWS: Hypnosis can be an effective method to:

  • Change eating habits
  • Enhance motivation
  • Increase self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Enhance self-image
  • Eliminate mental blocks
  • Establish a positive, winning attitude

FOR BEST RESULTS: The hypnosis client must:

  • Have the desire to make changes
  • Continue with reinforcement sessions until ideal weight, shape & size achieved *Use a self-hypnosis recording twice daily throughout the program
  • Communicate openly with the hypnotists so that all contributing factors are addressed
  • Follow hypnotist’s recommendations after each visit. This may include visualization techniques, keeping a temporary food log or dream journal, etc.

WHAT DOESN‘T WORK: The following behaviors often result in failure:

  • Participating because someone else wants you to lose weight
  • Coming for sessions only once, rarely or sporadically
  • Failure to use the self-hypnosis recording daily throughout the program
  • Failure to communicate honestly with hypnotist problems or stressors as they occur, which might sabotage success or cause problems with the program
  • Failure to participate by following hypnotist’s recommendations

WEIGHT LOSS SESSIONS SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 3 (To encourage optimum results) *

First Package of THREE (3) Sessions --Weekly visits  - $199


First Package of THREE (3) Sessions – Used Every Other Week - $235

Additional Packages available - $150 or 3 sessions
Can be used for sessions every other week or more frequently.


  • First Intake & Customized Session - $100
  • Additional Sessions - $90 (Scheduled as needed)

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