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PRESENTER: Michael Ellner, DD, CHT, MSH

Full-day class edited onto one DVD (2006)

As many as 45 million Americans suffer from IBS, an expensive, painful and very embarrassing condition. Michael's step-by-step Ten-Week Protocol is a roadmap for offering sufferers the help they so desperately need and in addition, may substantially reduce their medical costs. Learn a technique that will help your clients untie the knots in their stomachs by treating their mental and emotional issues for lifelong success. Relieve symptoms in 10 weeks using Quantum Focusing method, a system blending Hypnotic Health, Spiritual Practice and Quantum Physics. It is easy to learn and apply this focusing, non-trance method to hypnosis-healing, which can be more comfortable to clients who are apprehensive of hypnosis. Client's expectations are for a full program, not just a one-time hypnosis miracle.


  • Chronic health syndromes
  • Cancer, AIDS and other Catastrophic Diseases or Conditions
  • Pain
  • Fears and Phobic Behaviors
  • Hypertension
  • Sexual Problems
  • Unwanted Behaviors
  • Allergies

Michael Ellner, an exceptionally favored presenter at numerous conferences, is President of Alternative Health Information Networks, a Fellow of IMDHA, and was NGH "Educator of the Year" in 1995. Want more info? Please check out the free Ellner/Barsky QUANTUM FOCUSING tele-seminar - You can find it at and download it by going to the NGH website: Michael's website:

What attendees said:

"A wonderful, easy and fascinating protocol. I can't wait to start using it with my clients"  N. R. Dallas, TX

"I enjoyed the basic information Michael gave us. It will apply to many different diseases, just not IBS."  W. H. H

"Michael Ellner is just so articulate and east to listen to and understand. Wonderful information you can take back and start using immediately. We were mesmerized by him so much."  J. H.

"His knowledge on so many health issues is astounding. I have learned so much today and I would like to take more classes from him."  C. M. Wolfe, Austin, TX

"Michael Ellner gave a superb presentation with energy and enthusiasm. He knows his subject inside and out. Michael seems to eat, sleep and breathe his passion.  Thanks Michael!"  H. Jackson

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome - A 10-Week Protocol (DVD)   $59
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Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center


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