Anne King Hynosis Center Boerne Texas.

Spiritual Scripts


This “Basic 7” chakra meditation guides you through each energy center, going into some detail with each chakra, helping you feel connected, open, and balanced. Questions designed to clear the chakra are posed for you to ponder or store away for later contemplation.

3.5 pages $8.00

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This guided meditation takes you through 13 chakra points beginning in the soles of your feet. With each energy center, you will imagine the associated color spinning through the chakra as my voice guides you through the properties and issues held in each center so that you may gain insight and release blocks and limitations.

5.5 pages $12.00

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Inner Guide

This guided meditation helps you establish the perfect meeting place and then guides you through the initial meeting of your guide. Suggestions are given that will stimulate your senses … making the experience more real and concrete. Once you have met your inner guide, you are free to contact them any time … for any reason.

3 pages $7.00

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