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Presented by Robert Otto, C.Ht.

Robert is a "World-Class Presenter" who has worked in the field of Mind Dynamics for over 20 years and is the recipient of numerous awards in the field of human potential. He is truly an expert in Conducting Group Seminars and once you have mastered the concepts contained in this program, you will be well on your way to discovering a world of opportunity.

The Stop Smoking Seminar on Saturday gives you:
Such powerful techniques for your Pre Talk / Pre Induction Interview, that many of your clients will be non-smokers BEFORE the formal induction begins meaning a higher-than-average success rate.

You Will Learn:
Effective Speech Patterns for Programming Expectation Therapy Confusion Technique
Progressive Relaxation vs. Rapid Induction Implementation of Mantras Active Visualization
Secrets of Captivating & Holding an Audience Fool Proof Pre-Talks
Non-challenging Suggestions that allow the client freedom of CHOICE
How to Use These Techniques with Individuals or Groups and much, much more!

Robert Otto has conducted in excess of 4,500 workshops and seminars, has worked with major hospitals and corporations, has had frequent guest appearances on radio and television, been featured in more than 18 newspapers and magazines, and is a regular contributor to hypnosis journals. His training tapes have received national acclaim. Robert is the first hypnotist to receive a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition listed in the Library of Congress.


"Learning the rapid induction Vertigo Technique was worth the price of this course." D.J.W.

"Robert is a great, dynamic speaker with excellent, practical teachings, who speaks from the heart! If you have any interest in working with groups, don't miss this one!"  Nancy Pavlicek, Victoria, TX.

"This training has been great! Bob Otto is entertaining yet knowledgeable- can impart a great deal of information in a compact, succinct manner. I'm so glad I too the time to come. I will definitely use this information and the many new 'tools'."  M. Kildebeck, Frisco, TX.

"Robert was entertaining and very informative. Loved this class!" M.R.B.

"Very motivational - a lot of information in a short period of time." E.A.

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Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center


Anne King Hypnosis Center