Anne King Hynosis Center Boerne Texas.

Coaching / Mentoring Fees and Registration

To schedule either sessions or a free 15-Minute Introductory Conversation:
or call Anne 830-537-5411

Anne King offers coaching and mentoring sessions by appointment at the following locations:

BOERNE - Home Office - 20 minutes from downtown
SAN ANTONIO - Wednesdays Medical Center area
YOUR HOME / OFFICE – rates will vary based on your location*

SKYPE or PHONE sessions are often preferred and offer more flexibility.


  • $85 – Single Session
  • $300 – Initial package of 4 Sessions - Used Weekly (save $40)
  • $195 – Additional packages of 3 Sessions - Used Weekly (save $60)
  • $215 – Additional packages of 3 Sessions - Used Every Other Week (save $40)

* Add an additional travel fee of $50 for sessions at your home/office within 50 miles of my Boerne location.

Allow 60 minutes per session (includes hypnosis, optional).


To register either: or call Anne 830-537-5411

After your free 15-Minute Introductory Conversation and upon registration, I will e-mail some forms for you to complete prior to our first coaching session. We will also set up specific times and venues in advance if you chose to participate in a series of sessions.

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